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Countdown to Ethereum Exposé: Insider Promises Proof of Vitalik Buterin’s Alleged Fraud in 48 Hours

An insider with firsthand knowledge of Ethereum’s beginnings has pledged to soon make public any allegations of fraudulent activity by co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Nerayoff, an early participant in Ethereum’s history, declared on November 12 that he would provide evidence regarding misconduct claims against Buterin and fellow co-founder Joe Lubin within the next four to five days. Nerayoff has been vocal in recent weeks about accusations that he believes surpass even the FTX scandal. Nerayoff disclosed the impending release of proof that he has long been alleging Ethereum founders of deceit.

Vitalik Buterin In the Crosshairs

“Ideally, it will be in less than 48 hours. Nerayoff commented regarding the upcoming revelation, “Logistics, building up clever NFTs, etc.

He has made many references to Buterin in his online contacts, suggesting that he was deeply involved in the alleged misbehavior.

Is Vitalik the hero they portray him as helping Ethereum grow, or is he the reason it never did? Choose for yourself, Nerayoff wrote.

The co-founder questioned Buterin’s contributions to Ethereum immediately after that, saying quite frankly that he had not really invented anything. Nerayoff even charged Buterin and Lubin with deliberately destroying the cryptocurrency market as a whole by encouraging phony initial coin offerings on Ethereum’s network.

Fraud Allegations Loom

Nerayoff said, “Their goal was just to issue hundreds or thousands of fraudulent ICOs, running away from people.”

He also claimed that the main source of income for Lubin’s company ConsenSys in the early going was the fees associated with conducting initial coin offerings.

The insider also questioned the validity of Buterin’s initial Ethereum white paper, attributing the platform’s early success to Gavin Wood’s later technical specifications.

“Buterin’s white paper was not feasible.” Gavin is the one who rectified it in his yellow paper, which is how 1.0 was able to leave. Nerayoff said, “Vitalik is the reason 2.0 never made it out the door.”

Nerayoff is posing as a whistleblower and wants to reveal what he believes to be ten years of wrongdoing.

“I’m just doing this to expose the truth; the remaining ten years of corruption will have to be unraveled by others.” “I am aware that the Free Pass will come at a cost to someone,” he remarked.

Nerayoff further cited the absence of court cases or official denials as evidence for the veracity of his claims.

He remarked, “If I was clean, I’d just say no,” in reference to Buterin and others’ lack of rebuttals.

Nerayoff claims that after coming up with his shocking disclosures, other connected parties have gotten in touch with him.

“I sent information to major journalistic outlets prior to coming out to ensure that this story would be public and independent of me. Not a single denial or even a response to simple inquiries about improper behavior from anyone. Makes one wonder how extensive and profound this is,” he said.

Ether, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, has not been able to surpass its 2022 highs in the face of Nerayoff’s charges and the approaching publication of his alleged proof. As the Ethereum insider’s anticipated exposé approaches, the cryptocurrency community eagerly anticipates the next development in this tale.

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